5 Lifestyle Changes To Help Control Diabetes


Living a normal life with diabetes can seem a challenge when you have just found out that you are a diabetic. But it might just be the cue to pull your habits together and add some healthy habits. It is quite easy once you know what exactly the required change entails. Most of the dietary changes you need to incorporate and the exercise plans that your doctor suggests must have been your New Year resolutions for the past year. Even so, it can’t all be done overnight. So, to begin with, you can just get started with five easy steps which will help you combat a high blood sugar level without making huge efforts.

  • Start Eating Fibrous foods

Oranges, bananas, pears, avocados, broccoli, and artichokes are some foods that are rich in fibrous content. Most of these are everyday foods which can be easily included in your diet. More of carrots, apples, peas, kidney beans etc will improve your insulin production, waste management, and digestive metabolism significantly.

  • Get into 15 Minutes of Daily Exercise

Working out just simply can’t be avoided when you want a healthy lifestyle. It burns your excess fats and allows your body to better control diabetes. Fat accumulation can be a great hindrance when your body is trying to reduce the quantity of unwanted sugars. Exercising daily ensures your body to focus fully on maintaining the normal blood sugar levels and has nothing else to worry about. 

  • Say No to Fast Foods and Sugary Drinks

Burgers, pizza and pasta with the varieties of sausages are your way straight to having your blood sugars spiked. The amounts of calories they can give you are all that you should think of when you want to eat them. It will be equal to self-torture even though you might enjoy the taste at the moment.

  • Have A Good Night Sleep Every night

Unlike what you think, a good night sleep can make a huge difference to your body. For complete digestion of food and proper waste management by your kidneys, your body needs adequate rest and sleep. Doctors advise a minimum of six hours of sleep for your body to be fully functional.

  • Drink Plenty of Water

Drinking 8 glasses of water a day is what one’s body requires everyday. It helps in the maintenance of your body’s metabolism and facilitates smooth functioning of both intestines and kidneys. It can help your body to take out the excess sugars and keep blood sugars under control.

In addition to these, it is important that you monitor your blood sugar levels regularly. Buy yourself a Control D Glucometer to check sugar levels at home conveniently. Getting this device at home escapes the hassles of visiting a nearby test centre or clinic.

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