About Us


HAIDEN Group has a vision of enabling each person to live his life in the best way. This vision has guided us to work in the field of Diabetes Management. According to IDF (International Diabetes Federation), Diabetes has become an epidemic with 1 out of 11 adults suffering from this disease.

We are striving to bring the best products and services to help managing this epidemic. Control D focuses on delivering precision, accuracy and ease of usage to help our patients take control of Diabetes.


HAIDEN Group started its journey by offering the best products in the field of Healthcare to its consumers.

We are a diversified business group built on spirit of entrepreneurship, innovation and excellence.

Launched in June 2017, we are exporting Control D products to more than 15 countries now and helping patients with more than 2 million tests every month. 

Diabetes: The Upcoming Epidemic

Statistics have shown that more people die out of Diabetes more than other lethal diseases such as HIV/AIDS, Tuberclosis and Malaria. It is of utmost importance to control this epidemic.

World Diabetes