7 Diabetes Foot Care Tips



If you have diabetes, you may encounter various problems with your feet. Diabetic patients have a higher risk of developing ulcers, corns, calluses and blisters. High blood sugar levels can cause these minor injuries to become gateways to potentially disabling infections and in worst case scenario, even toe/foot amputations.

Reduce your risk of foot infection or amputation by incorporating these 7 foot care tips:

1)  Check your feet daily - especially if you have low sensitivity or no feeling in your feet. Sores, cuts, and grazes could go unnoticed and you could develop serious infections.

2)  Don't go around barefoot, even indoors - It's easy to tread onto something or stub your toes and cut yourself. Protect your feet with socks/stockings and shoes/slippers. Wear Diabetic Socks and Diabetic footwear whenever possible to provide the maximum comfort to your feet.

3)  Be careful if you have corns or calluses. Check with your doctor or podiatrist to get the best and earliest treatment for existing calluses and corns.

4)  Wash your feet daily in warm, NOT HOT water. And don't soak your feet (even if you've been standing all day) because it could dry your skin and form cracks or sores. Moisturize your feet thoroughly after washing.

5)  Take extra care to dry your feet completely, especially between your toes. These are natural moisture traps - leaving them damp or wet could lead to an infection prone area.

6)  Exercise your legs and feet regularly. Even while sitting you can rotate your ankles; wiggle your toes or move your legs up and down. This will keep your blood circulation flowing and helps to minimize the risk of foot problems.

7)  Get your feet professionally checked, at least once a year, for signs of any problems.  You can usually arrange this when you have your annual check-up for your AC1 levels (blood glucose levels over a 3-month period), blood pressure and cholesterol.

Take constant care of your feet. Get help from a relative or professional; Doctor, diabetic nurse or podiatrist if you are not able to bend when trimming nails or checking for sores.  Taking these simple actions will help you reduce the risk of painful problems.

Wear Control D Healthy Socks, made especially for diabetic patients. These Diabetic socks provide the maximum foot comfort and care, required for patients suffering from diabetes.

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