Amazing Tips on how to take the insulin shot?

Amazing Tips on how to take the insulin shot?

The one thing to do when you have high blood sugar levels is to keep up the medication. Whatever lifestyle changes the doctors prescribe; medication is also a major part of curing the condition, if not the most important. With diabetes, medication becomes a little tricky since most probably, you have been asked to take insulin shots. These daily injections are the best ways to get the necessary amounts of insulin into your body every day. It is quick and produces immediate and visible results. But it is also a tough job, at least till you master the art of injecting.

Most of the people depend on their friends or relatives to do the injecting part or simply opt for a pen. Insulin pens are easier to handle and carry around with. Nevertheless, it is necessary that you know how to inject yourself, in case of emergencies. Here are few tips on how to get insulin shot right every single time.

The first one is to never reuse your needles. These days, there are super thin needles available in the market that take all the pain away from these injections and makes it easier for you to bear them. But this doesn’t mean you can reuse needles. The sharp and pointy edges can be broken after a single use, so if you try to use them more than once, you will most probably end up hurting yourself.

Talking about getting hurt, make sure that you rotate your injection sites very frequently to avoid rashes or any skin inflammations. Constant injections at a single place in your body can trigger the above reactions. To get away with these, rotate the sites as often as you can. Since you have to inject insulin into the fat layer, you can do it in your abdomen, outer thighs, hips, or back of your arms as per your convenience.

Now coming to the actual action; it is always advisable to inject at room temperature. When you put the needle in, perform it at a 45° angle than going straight in. Wait ten seconds before you remove the needle. This should be done really slowly to avoid accidents – like a broken needle. Once removed, maintain pressure on the point of injection with your fingers. If you’re using a pen, it is also necessary that you remove the needle right after the injection to prevent air bubble in future.

So, keep these insulin shot tips in mind to make the injections easy and painless. Always keep a glucometer handy to monitor your blood glucose levels.

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