Cooking Tips for Diabetes

Cooking Tips for Diabetes

For many of us, cutting back on sugar and simple carbs is an effective way to fasten the weight loss process.

However, for diabetics, adhering to this diet plan can be a matter of life and death.

As per the American Heart Association, diabetics are more prone to having a heart disease or experience a life-threatening stroke, than people without diabetes. For those who do not control their condition, the health issues increase exponentially.

Since diet plays a major role in diabetes management, here are few cooking tips that can help:

1.Substitute Starch

If you love fried food and other starchy dishes, swapping them with veggies should be your go-to move. Veggies like cauliflower,zucchini and squash are all easy and delicious ways to lower the amount of carbohydrates in some of your favorite dishes

2. Focus on adding flavor

We usually think about what we can’t eat when we start cutting out sugar. Instead, focus on ways to add more flavor to the foods you are eating. There are so many ways to add flavor without adding sugar or salt.Freshly squeezed lemon, ginger, garlic and jaggery all are natural alternatives.

3. Prioritise Protein

Since eating protein helps stabilize blood sugar and keeps us full longer it is important to add more of it in your diet. Some of the best sources are beans, hummus, nuts, salmon, eggs etc. 

4 Measure Your Plate ( Plate Method)

The plate method helps you limit portions of starchy carb containing foods that are known to have the most impact on blood glucose levels.

The method focuses on eating more of non starchy vegetables which are low in carbs and also calories.Non starchy foods are known to be high in vitamins, minerals and also fibre. These foods also help consume enough lean protein.

5. Keep Snacks

When you have diabetes, snacks are more than just regular treats.They can help aid weight loss and ward off low blood sugar levels and come in handy at times when you’re stuck in traffic or when your meeting runs late.

If you’re trying to slim down in an attempt to improve your diabetic condition, you may be tempted to skip meals.Make sure you do not do that and eat regularly. Also keeping a regular check on your blood sugar levels can help as well. Control D Glucometer can come in handy for the same.

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