Gestational Diabetes – What happens after the Baby is born

Gestational Diabetes – What happens after the Baby is born

The light at the end of the tunnel with gestational diabetes is that the condition is only present when you are pregnant.  In almost all cases, once your baby is born your pancreas will continue to produce enough insulin for you and your body will process it properly. 

In the rare case where it does not, it is likely that you were diabetic prior to becoming pregnant and the diagnosis did not happen until the routine screening for pregnant women.  In either case, your doctor will have you continue to monitor your blood glucose levels after the birth of your baby.  At a minimum, you should test for two days afterwards but your doctor may request that you test for a period of up to two weeks. 

During this time you will not be taking insulin.  Your doctor is going to want to see how your body is processing your food without the help of additional insulin.  It is recommended to continue with the diabetic diet going forward, it is a healthy way to eat and if you are breastfeeding it will ensure that you and your baby are getting the nutrients you need.

Another reason to continue with the diabetic lifestyle even after it is determined that you no longer have gestational diabetes is to prevent getting type 2 diabetes.  You are at an increased risk of becoming insulin resistant (also known as type 2 diabetes) once you have had gestational diabetes.  Continue to eat the foods you would have while pregnant and watch your portion sizes.  After your doctor gives the okay, resume a routine of physical activity even taking your baby for a walk in the stroller. 

You will probably feel a sense of relief once your doctor pronounces you diabetes free and you can concentrate on enjoying your new baby.

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