Herbal Drinks that help in managing Blood Sugar Levels Naturally

Herbal Drinks that help in managing Blood Sugar Levels Naturally

Diabetes can be controlled with the proper planning of food habits and lifestyle. Some slight tweaks and twisting in your diet is what all it takes. With a 30-minute exercise regime that goes along with the diet plan, there is no doubt that your diabetes can be kept at bay forever. A good cardio workout everyday will keep your body sweating day in and day out. Your body and your heart will be maintained in a great condition. You’ll also be saved from obesity which is an added defense against high blood sugar levels.

There are dietary changes that can bring about immediate effect on blood sugar levels. These foods can stabilize blood sugar and help you stay active and energetic. Drinks are easier to have and fun when included in the daily routine. Also, a glass of fresh extract of any fruit can freshen up your entire day. Here are three great herbal drinks that can help you manage your high blood sugar levels. For best results with these drinks, try them routinely for t least a month in the mornings.

Bitter Gourd Juice
Although it may not sound in the least bit appealing, bitter gourd extracts are considered one of the best natural remedies for diabetes. The light green juices might not have the best of tastes, but they defensively can work wonders in your body. It contains Vitamin B, Magnesium, Zinc, dietary fibers, Calcium, Potassium and beta carotenes. But the best part is that it is a source of polypeptide P, a protein which can assist in lowering blood sugar levels by acting like insulin.

Apple Cider Vinegar
A good source of acetic acid, Apple cider vinegar has been proven to have a positive effect on diabetic patients. It increases the body’s sensitivity to insulin itself but also assist in the production of insulin in body. Thus, human body becomes more capable of processing carbs even when the levels get high thus maintaining blood sugars levels in all situations. It is best consumed before bed since it brings best results in case of fasting sugar levels.

Coconut Water
This extremely common and widely popular drink is more beneficial than you can imagine. It purifies and cleanses your body, is good for skin and hair, but it also helps to lower blood sugar level as studies have shown. It works especially great to control the allowance induced diabetes since it has plenty of Zinc, Vitamin B and Chromium in it.

So, give these herbal drinks a try and notice the difference they bring to your health. Use Control D Blood Glucose Monitor to monitor your blood glucose levels regularly.

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