Hemo Spark HEMOGLOBIN 50 Strips

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Hemo Spark is an in vitro diagnostic device that is used for quantitative testing of total hemoglobin in the blood. It is unique among the most portable and affordable hemoglobin meters which are user-friendly and reliable to measures hemoglobin levels in the blood. Hemo Spark is a user friendly device and quite convenient for Hemoglobin screening, which is particularly useful in areas where no clinical laboratories are available. It is also useful in emergencies due to its ease-of-use, accuracy, and fast delivery of results. Sensa Core's Hemo Spark provides accurate and reliable results which are acceptable to all major global standards.




1. How does a Hemo Spark Hemoglobin Meter work?

Sensa Core's Hemo Spark Hemoglobin Meter is for the quantitative determination of hemoglobin in non-anticoagulated capillary whole blood or anticoagulated venous whole blood in EDTA (K2, K3, Na2) or sodium heparin.

The Hemoglobin Test Cartridge includes a reagent layer function to hemolyze and release the hemoglobin. The hemoglobin is converted to methemoglobin to cause a color change on the cartridge. The meter reads the reflection of the cartridge at a wave length for every second until the end point of the reaction is detected. The reflection at the end point is directly proportional to the hemoglobin concentration. 

2. Where should I store the Hemo Spark Hemoglobin Meter and Hemo Spark Test strips?

You'll want to keep your meter, test strips, lancets and other supplies in a carrying case which most of our Hemoglobin meters include with the initial purchase. Test strips should be kept in their original vial or container, and you should make sure it is completely closed after each use. Keep all items out of extreme temperatures, direct sunlight, moisture and humidity, as any of these external factors can affect your meter and strips, causing false readings. Store the meter and strips as mentioned on the meter box and strip vial.

3. Can I reuse Hemo Spark Hemoglobin Test Strips or Lancets?

No. Hemo Spark Test strips are single-use only. Hemo Spark Hemoglobin Meter can detect if a strip has been used and give an error message if you try to reuse a strip. And if you try to reuse a strip, there's no way to know if you're getting an accurate reading of your current hemoglobin level because the chemicals that create the reaction have been used and compromised by the past sample.

Likewise, lancets should be used only once. It is Important to use a new lancet each time you obtain a blood sample. This will help to prevent from infections. Discard the used lancet carefully after each use to avoid unintended lancet stick injuries. Used lancets maybe considered biohazardous waste in your area. Be sure to follow your healthcare professional’s recommendations or local regulations for proper disposal.

4. What can affect test results of Hemo Spark Hemoglobin Meter?

Many factors can affect test results, so you'll have to eliminate anything problematic. Having an insufficient amount of blood in the test sample can result in falsely low readings, and if the sample site is not properly cleaned, contamination can affect the readings. Storing the meter or strips at extreme temperatures can cause falsely high or low readings. Because of these factors, we recommend storing & monitoring the results Hemo Spark Meter to double-check any readings that seem abnormally high or low.